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Azealia Banks is an American rapper and is best known for her hit song “212.” I have been a fan of her music since 2012, so when the opportunity to work for her came my way, I was quick to hop on the project.

CHEAPYXO is Azealia’s venture into the world of business. The e-commerce website hosts her custom made soap line, music and fun odds & ends.

After a successful launch and selling out of all her custom products, the website went on hiatus so Azealia could handle the backlog of orders. We took this time to design a new look for the website.

We wanted to keep it unique and very “Azealia,” but we also wanted it to give off more of a professional feel.

We were able to accomplish this by using gradients and swapping out the 8bit for more Seapunk tones.

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens was a member of the pop group S Club 7. After their successful run, Rachel launched her solo pop career.

Her second album, ‘Come and Get It’ has gone down in history as one of the best albums of the 2000s.

Since she has stopped releasing music she switched her focus to her family. Occasionally, you can catch Ms. Stevens on a reality TV show like ‘The Voice’ or ‘Master Chef.’

For her official fansite, we wanted to create a fun and interactive design. We were able to accomplish this by using an orange color scheme and adding some animated elements to the design.

Mikalah Gordon

Mikalah Gordon

Mikalah Gordon was a contestant on the 4th season of American Idol. Known for her soulful voice and spunky attitude, Mikalah quickly became a fan favorite. After the show, Mikalah went on to guest star on shows like “The Unit”, “Gone Country 2” and “The Tyra Banks Show”.

I have been designing, developing and maintaining Mikalah’s website since 2005 and was one of the first websites I ever published. Not only do I manage her website I also designed the artwork for her debut single, “Honey,” which was released in 2013.

Mikalah also stars in the CW’s ‘The Christmas Caroler Challenge” as a judge on the panel. In December 2019 released her first Christmas single, “Sugar & Spice,” and I was lucky enough to design the artwork.

Dead Awake

Dead Awake

“Dead Awake is a horror film written by Final Destination creator, Jeffrey Reddick. The film follows a young woman who must save herself and her friends from an ancient evil that stalks its victims through the real-life phenomenon of sleep paralysis.”

I was hired to design the key art for the film and also design, develop and manage the website, The website has the ability to receive submissions from users sharing their terrifying sleep paralysis experiences.

Olga Segura

Mexican actress and producer Olga Segura has starred in numerous films and was declared one of GQ Mexico’s sexiest women in 2015. Beyond starring on the silver scree, Olga has a production company that has financed “The Truth About Emanuel” and “GOATS.”

I have been working with Olga since 2014 and we are on her second design. Before I took over, the website was an HTML website that was impossible to maintain. We upgraded her platform to WordPress and now the website is updated to reflect her latest work at all times.



Decididas is a digital content series and platform that empowers women in Mexico and Latin America by creating awareness of the decisions they make every day in order to generate positive changes in society.

When Olga Segura, Founder, reached out to have me develop the new website I was beyond excited, not only because I have worked with Olga on a handful of other projects (Olga Segura, Producciones A Ciegas and The Truth About Emanuel) but because this was such a great cause.

The website was designed by a Decidida and I was able to bring her beautiful design to life.

TOF, Inc.

TOF Inc.

TOF, Inc. is an independent production company that creates and distributes web-series.

They are known for their YouTube exclusive, ‘STANS,’ which showcases three diverse characters who try to navigate real-life while being consumed by Twitter ‘stan culture.’

For their official website, we wanted to create a simple landing page that can link into custom mini-sites for each series they release.

As of now, we have only launched the ‘STANS’ section, but the client loves their ability to update the website, promote the series and receive communication from potential investors.