Entertainment Industry Web Design Los Angeles

Originality is key to survival in the entertainment business and SLIND provides that for each client with some of the best entertainment industry web design Los Angeles has to offer. Having worked in the entertainment industry web design business for over 10 years, SLIND has the ability to take your vision and make it a reality. Each custom web design provides an innovative and interactive landscape for your audience. You may wish to include a feed of your social media accounts on your home page, or your own merchandise store, or even clips of your songs/videos playing in the background. Whatever you envision, SLIND will work with you to create a physical manifestation of your ideals.

The design of your website should coincide with all your digital/social media efforts. With the entertainment industry landscape changing everyday, it is vital for you to be able to stand out in a crowd of millions, that are able to make a name for themselves on social media or YouTube. By breaking the mold and having a space dedicated to showcasing your talent, allows you to display your work, interact with your audience and even dabble in the world of e-commerce.

Entertainment Industry Web Design in Los Angeles is an industry that has evolved very rapidly in the last decade. With the introduction of social media, the way that end users consume data has become more about instant gratification and less about researching and finding news articles. If someone wanted to be able to find out what you ate last week, they are most likely able to pull up one of your social media accounts and find a picture of your food. Because of this, the way that websites are used for entertainers has dramatically changed.

SLIND has been working in the entertainment industry during these changes and because of that, is uniquely qualified to be able to assist in navigating you through the process of creating the digital marketing strategy for your brand. One of SLIND’s first clients, Mikalah Gordon was a contestant on American Idol in 2005, pre-social media. SLIND helped move Mikalah from a website only information source, to incorporating her social media, YouTube, and website into a well oiled machine that worked together to accomplish one goal.

Most people today are viewing their entertainment on multiple screens (tablets, smartphones, pc’s, etc.) Creating a great user experience is one aspect of web design SLIND excels in. Responsive designs, or a flexible website that is viewable on any screen size, is one of the most important aspects of entertainment industry web design in today’s world. With your audience able to easily navigate your website, no matter what device they chose to view it from, it creates a memorable experience.

Another important aspect of your experience is your ease of use behind the scenes. The way you maintain your website needs to be simple, fast and effective. SLIND incorporates a content management system (CMS) that allows you to log in from any device, make the necessary changes and save in real time. Your schedule, content and message may change at anytime and by SLIND using this style of management, it allows you to adapt what is seen, easily.

Some other items that are often included in websites can be social media feeds, specials or events, major announcments, e-commerce stores, newsletters or blogs. All of these items SLIND has successfully designed for multiple clients. An example of an e-commerce page that SLIND created is CHEAPYXO. A online store created by musician Azealia Banks features her branded clothing as well as her skin care line that she personally created. While working with Azealia, SLIND learned what her vision was and incorporated that into every page on the website. By collaborating with Azealia and discovering what her vision was, SLIND was able to recommend the best solution for the CHEAPYXO website, resulting in increased revenue and visibility for the artist.

The image you portray digitally is looked at more often than what you display on stage or in person. By working with a skilled web designer that has the skills to create a digital landscape for your brand, you are setting yourself up for success. The ease of use for your audience, the simpleness of the way you maintain your website, and the multiple other ways you are able to connect with website visitors, sets SLIND apart from the rest. This is why SLIND is considered to provide the best entertainment industry web design Los Angeles has to offer. By hiring someone to handle that aspect of your career, you are freeing your time up and allowing you to work on your craft and continue to gain people interested in looking you up on Google.

SLIND looks forward to the possibility of working with you in the near future and creating a unique and innovative experience for your fanbase. Please reach out for a consultation and let’s get the ball rolling!